Tips to keep children safe in the sun

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With the summer months now upon us, it’s great for our children to get a little bit more vitamin D. But as parents, we need to make sure they’re also safe in the sun!

Some of the best ways to help protect your little ones on a hot day are:

Sun cream – Make sure you choose a high factor that is also suitable for kids. It’s also important to remember if you’re using an old sun cream to check the expiration date.

Water – and lots of it! It’s really important to make sure your little ones stay hydrated. But of course, not everyone is fond of drinking water! To try and make it a little more exciting, things like ice pops, flavoured slushies, or adding different shaped ice cubes to drinks etc. can all help. Making platters of fresh fruit and vegetables also provide all of the hydration needed to help keep energy levels up!

Clothing – As well as something loose and cool, think about things like sun hats. For little ones, hats with a protective flap designed to protect the back of their necks are great. Opt for caps for older children, providing a little more protection to their faces. UV sunglasses with their favourite characters on also help provide that little bit of extra protection.

Shade – Kids like nothing more than to cool down after they’ve run around crazy in the sun. Making sure you have somewhere they can cool down and relax is important. It helps their blood to cool down, their body to re-hydrate, as well as protect their skin a little more.

Of course, it’s also great to find somewhere that’s cool, air-conditioned and can keep the kids entertained… Little Giggles Soft Play in Bristol can provide you just that!

With an interactive soft play space, not only can we help to provide a chilled (air-conditioned) space for children and parents, kids can go and explore, learn, grow and develop. For parents, the worry about kids spending too much time in the sun is reduced and you can also relax!