How we’ve been improving your child’s play experience

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Since our Little Giggles venture began, we have always worked to enhance and improve your child’s experience with us. Here are some of the ways in which we have improved our service to you, ensuring that your child’s time with us is safe, fun, and educational.

Our mission

Here at Little Giggles, we have a clear mission. We want all of our users to relax and have fun in our soft play area, enjoying the wide range of activities we offer and making full use of the apparatus we provide. Cheekiness is of prime importance to us, whilst ensuring that all the kids we entertain have fun in a safe environment.

In addition to having fun, it’s important that kids’ mental and physical development is nurtured through play. We seek to provide a real focus on the development of motor skills and we offer parents support and advice on this through the blogs that we publish on our website.

As our business has grown and developed, we have actively worked with our customers in every aspect from the design of our logo, right through to gaining a clear understanding of what our clients want from us. To this end, regular focus groups are held to help us to understand our customers’ requirements and improve our service to them.

Improvements to our facilities

In light of feedback from our clients, we have made some improvements to our facilities.

We’ve installed new fencing around the soft play area to prevent children from running into the café area. We have also separated the under twos’ area from the soft play. In addition, a new gate has been installed to allow access to and from the soft play area.

A few issues were highlighted with the flooring in the soft play area being too slippery, so we have upgraded the flooring with padding so that it is now non-slip. In addition, we have flattened out the unlevel floor areas.

Some parents felt that the ball pool area wasn’t big enough so we have invested in a new, larger one. To make access easier for working parents, we have adjusted our opening times so that parents can come to us straight from school drop offs.

Going forward

It is our mission to provide kids with a safe and fulfilling environment in which to play. We’ve made lots of improvements to accommodate this and will continue to do so in future. Haven’t yet seen the new changes for yourself? Pop along with your child to Little Giggles in Bristol!