What do children learn through play?

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It is a well-known fact that through play children are able to learn. It is encouraged not only in the home but in nurseries and schools as well. Recognised as a valuable learning tool, play is promoted as being supremely important to child development. But what exactly is it that children can learn through play?

  1. Logic

Play challenges children and forces them to use logic to overcome various obstacles. Mathematical concepts including understanding shapes, size and time all come into factor when children play. Children will also engage in problem-solving which enhances their logical mind.

  1. Communication skills

When children play with their parents, siblings and friends they develop valuable communication skills. Talking, sharing and role-playing all have a valuable role to play in child development. Through play, children will also learn to read facial expressions and express and recognise emotion. Communication is a valuable skill that will help children to positively form new friendships.

  1. Physical ability

Play knows no boundaries, so children can really challenge their physical abilities. Running, crawling and climbing all work to strengthen muscles, enhance balance and advance their co-ordination. Both gross and fine motor skills are essential for children to grow physically and mentally strong.

  1. Imagination

Play opens children’s minds and allows them to imagine various situations. Imagination is so valuable because it enhances a child’s ability to be creative and use critical thinking. Not only that, but by inventing scenarios, children grow a deeper understanding of the world around them.

  1. Self esteem

Developing all the skills mentioned above can really boost a child’s confidence. Play encourages children to be independent, brave and compassionate. This will lead to higher levels of self-esteem which will actively enhance a child’s ability to confidently accept new challenges in the future.

Here at Little Giggles Soft Play we fully encourage all aspects of a child’s learning. By creating a safe, stimulating environment children can push their limits and grow their minds. For a fantastic, family day out with amazing benefits for your child, pop on down to Little Giggles. Contact us anytime for more information.