What to expect when you visit a soft play centre

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It can be a little daunting when taking your child to a soft play setting for the first time. What should you expect to see and do? What equipment can your child use? Below we explore what you should expect when visiting a soft play centre and what equipment is available to your child to allow them to have fun in a safe, controlled environment.

The soft play environment

The soft play environment is an inviting and comfortable space. The space available is divided into different zones, a parent area, baby and toddler area and then an older child play area. Many soft play centres also have a cafe and area for children’s parties.

Babies and toddlers

Soft play centres have so much to offer babies and toddlers. Equipment and toys are soft, hygienic and safe for your little one to explore. They can have fun crawling through tunnels, mini slides, rocking on horses, sitting in small ball pools and enjoying a range of sensory toys. This area is specifically designed to help engage and stimulate babies and children, in helping them to explore the world around them.

Older children

Older children are free to run, jump, slide, spin and let off steam in this safe environment. They can enjoy a variety of soft play equipment. Large ball pools are fun to jump into and to enjoy a full body sensory experience. They can climb up soft padded stairs to reach a high slide that ends on soft crash mats. They can also enjoy a range of fun activities that include crawling through tunnels, firing sponge balls and throwing soft darts at soft targets. Children can also enjoy a range of climbing and sit on soft play equipment, that can help them to perfect their gross motor skills.

Space for you

While the children enjoy the safe play equipment and facilities, you can grab a bit of time for yourself, knowing that the children are safe and happy. It’s also a great opportunity to meet other parents and to share ideas and experiences.

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