Why soft play is as good for parents as it is for children

Why soft play is as good for parents as it is for children
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You might think that soft play is a great way to provide your kids with a fun, safe and energetic way to enjoy themselves, but when it comes to those mums and dads who bring their kids along to enjoy the sights and sounds of soft play, there are also big benefits for them too. At Little Giggles, we know that for our parents, soft play is more than just a place to take their kids – and here are just a few ways you hard-working mums and dads can benefit for what we offer too.


  1. Connect with other parentsYour children get excellent opportunities to socialise at soft play with children of their own age, allowing them to develop their communication and development skills. For parents, soft play also offers a great way to meet other, similar-minded parents, and offers them a support network while their children experience independent play. A coffee and a chat can go a long way on a stressful day – and while your child plays, you can sit back and relax.
  2. Encourage child friendshipsFor younger children, friendships may be as fleeting as sharing food or enjoying a toy together, but for older children forming bonds with peers can be an excellent way for them to develop more nuanced social skills. Not only does this provide better development for your child, but for parents, it also provides a way to connect with other mums and dads for play sessions, visits and other ways to encourage your child’s independence.
  3. Take a breakRaising children can be an exhausting prospect, especially for first-time parents or stay at home mums or dads. Soft play not only offers your child a way to burn energy and enjoy themselves without requiring your direct input, it also offers a chance to sit and take a break for a moment. In combination with Little Giggles’ commitment to offering support to children with extra needs, this kind of service can be invaluable for stressed or tired parents.

If you’re a parent who would benefit from your child enjoying soft play or know a mum or dad who would, come and visit Little Giggles for a coffee, a chat and a tired-out child. Take a look at our full services here.