Why soft play is great for siblings

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Brothers and sisters, especially those closer in age, often end up arguing, fighting, and falling out. This is perfectly natural and a familiar part of growing up. While it’s not often a serious problem, most parents would be glad to see their children getting on better together and to have less tension at home. Soft play is a great way for siblings to bond and become more relaxed in each other’s company.

Discovering together

A new environment can make a huge difference to siblings. For those who always seem to argue at home, being somewhere new can quickly change perspectives and encourage siblings to play together. They will naturally want to share new discoveries with each other thanks to the space and freedom soft play offers, enhancing this sense of discovery and togetherness. The exciting newness of the soft play environment often encourages children to forget their differences and explore together.

Developing new skills

One of the biggest advantages of soft play for siblings of different ages is that it’s great for developing motor skills. For children learning to crawl and walk, it provides a safe environment to practise those skills, offering fun challenges and obstacles to overcome. All the different surfaces and textures give lots of valuable experience and interest. Children who have already mastered these skills can climb, roll, jump and slide. The beauty of a soft play environment is that these activities can happily take place alongside each other.

Communicating and collaborating with each other

With effective communication being a key part of sibling harmony, soft play encourages children to talk about what they are doing with each other. It can be a good chance for them to give suggestions to each other and many parents find that their children naturally praise each other’s efforts – something they would never normally do! Soft play also provides a chance for siblings to care for one another; usually, the older sibling will help the younger one along, but it can work both ways.